Better 8 Megapixel Camera around the iPhone 4S

The greater 8 megapixel camera around the iPhone 4S provides greater capability to capture stunning photos on your phone, as to the Apple boast may mean you don’t need another digital camera, because it’s all on your phone. Along with its camera the handset does also provide life a range of other impressive new features.

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The iSight 8 megapixel facing to the rear camera about this device provides over 60 per cent more resolution than its previous iPhone 4 counterpart, together with better megapixels that let in more light. It has a dramatic effect on the overall quality of the photos and video and subsequently implies that they’ll both be clearer and far better. The camera also utilizes a next-generation backside illumination sensor which monitors the sunshine contact with the lens and adjusts the brightness of images and video accordingly. To aid when light is poor for example during the night, the LED flash automatically (if switched on) activates itself and works wit your camera. Meanwhile, the simple face detection inside the full screen viewfinder offered by the three.5 inch Retina display provides an easy way of capturing your multimedia. Video is recordable entirely 1080 pixel High Definition too.

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Other additional features that the iPhone 4S deals are the integration from the recently released iCloud service which provides a location that you could backup and store (remotely) up to 5 gigabytes (of free) documents and music, as well as your photos and videos. Best of all for those who have other Apple devices for example iPad or perhaps a Mac you will see your media and other files on those automatically also with the iCloud. As with a number of other newly released handsets, this one which partly lead the way, gives you a simple voice command application called Siri. This intuitive app enables you to speak to it and follows what you say using the relevant information or app. For instance you can tell it to email your contacts and then maybe attach a photo you captured using the iSight camera. The options on this handset really are difficult to exhaust especially when the App Store (preinstalled) gives you many a large number of other apps to download and use on your phone.

Previous models in this series had been slightly criticised for their easy cameras which don’t match other handsets available on the market. The iPhone 4S goes toward putting that right and in the meantime also adds a number of other new and exciting features too.

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